May 30, 2024

H.E Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia

In response to recent reports suggesting that Kennedy Agyapong had been approached by members of the Bawumia Campaign Team with an alleged bribe offer to step down and become the running mate to Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Bawumia Campaign Team has issued a formal statement to clarify their position.

The statement, signed by Dr. Gideon Boako, Ph.D., the spokesperson for the campaign team, expressed “grave concern” over the news reports and categorically denied any involvement in such actions. It emphasized that the Bawumia Campaign Team has not made any overtures to Kennedy Agyapong regarding a running mate position, nor have they assigned anyone to do so.

Additionally, the statement refuted Kennedy Agyapong’s allegations that Dr. Bawumia was using intimidation tactics to gain an advantage in the November 4 contest. The campaign team maintained that Dr Bawumia is deeply committed to party unity and has consistently encouraged his supporters to refrain from responding to provocative attacks from other contenders. Dr Bawumia’s approach has centred on presenting his vision for both the party and the country as a means to garner support from party delegates.

The Bawumia Campaign Team underscored the importance of upholding the core values of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), including truth, decorum, and respect among all aspirants in the internal contest for the flagbearer position. They reiterated that the competition for the party’s flagbearer is an internal matter, and all stakeholders should conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with the party’s principles.

The statement reiterated the campaign team’s commitment to maintaining transparency and fairness throughout the election process.

Read below the full statement

Bawumia Campaign Team has not approached Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for Running Mate Position

The Bawumia campaign team has noticed with grave concern news report by and other media outlets in which the Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is alleged to have indicated that some members of the Bawumia Campaign team attempted to bribe him to step down and be made the running mate to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

We wish to state in unequivocal terms that the Bawumia Campaign team has not approached Kennedy Agyapong for such a running mate offer, nor have we assigned any member of the team to approach him for the same. It is also not true as alleged by Kennedy Agyapong that Dr. Bawumia is collapsing the party through intimidation. The unity of our party has been of great concern to candidate Dr Bawumia.

It is in light of such concern that he refrains from responding to unwarranted attacks by others in the contest and has cautioned his supporters against responding to such provocative attacks. His strategy has been to persuade delegates to support his bid. This he does, by laying his vision for the party and country.

 As we have always maintained, the contest for flagbearer in the NPP is an internal one, and all actors, particularly the aspirants must be guided by the core values of the NPP, which include but are not limited to truth, decorum, and respect for one another.

Thank you.

— Signed —

Gideon Boako, Ph.D


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