July 19, 2024

George Opare Addo

George Opare-Addo, affectionately known as Pablo, the Commandant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Green Army, has boldly responded to MP for Abetifi and Agricultural Minister, Bryan Acheampong’s remarks, daring him in his own constituency of Abetifi.

In a direct challenge to Acheampong’s rhetoric, Pablo urged the lawmaker’s parents to intervene and offer him guidance, warning that failure to heed advice could lead to dire consequences.

Speaking to a passionate crowd in Abetifi, Pablo emphasized the need for Acheampong to face the reality of his actions and decisions.

“If his mother or family head is alive, they should advise him. Otherwise, he will face the consequences of his actions,” Pablo declared to a spirited crowd in Abetifi.

Expressing the NDC Youth Wing’s unwavering commitment to democratic principles, Pablo asserted that former President and flagbearer John Dramani Mahama would emerge victorious in the December 7, 2024, elections, securing the presidency for the NDC.

He warned that any attempts to undermine the electoral process would be met with swift and forceful action from the NDC Youth Wing.

This isn’t the first time Bryan Acheampong has made provocative statements regarding the NDC’s bid for power. During a similar event in 2023, he stirred controversy by suggesting that the NPP was unwilling to hand over power to the NDC in 2024, drawing widespread condemnation.

Despite facing criticism last year, Bryan returned to Kwahu Easter to reaffirm his position, asserting that the NDC stood little chance of regaining political power.

“I have personally delivered a stern warning to Bryan Acheampong and his cohorts within the NPP, directly in his hometown of Abetifi, to ensure he understands it unequivocally. If he possesses courage, let him face us on Election Day, December 7, 2024,” Opare Addo later shared on X.
“We, the NDC Youth Wing, stand ready to confront any attempts to undermine the electoral process, vowing swift and forceful action against any obstructionists.,” Addo declared,

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