July 15, 2024


Controversial and vociferous artiste manager and entertainment show pundit, born Hanson Asamoah but widely known as Bulldog is currently in dire straits following his recent disparaging and derogatory comments about the Ghana police service.

The firebrand entertainment commentator who appeared visceral during an interview on OKAY FM without mincing words; stated emphatically that, Officers of the Ghana Police service are plain stupid and it’s evident that his 9 months old daughter is more knowledgeable and smart than employees of the aforementioned security service.

These unanticipated assertions by Bulldog were marked by a throwback encounter he claimed to have had with some police personnel.

On the authority of Bulldog, he once had a police case and ironically to the public image security service portrays (THE POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND) – he was treated like a first-degree murderer.

A close ally of the paradoxical and outspoken figure who spoke with a staff of Gossips24.com just this morning has disclosed that; Bulldog is currently in the grips of the Ghana police service.

He additionally added that; he has been counseled to openly retract his unhealthy remarks against the security service and sign a bond to never repeat such a disreputable act.

Up-to-the-minute details of this distressing news suggest that; the paradoxical figure who is currently in the grips of the Ghana police service has been denied bail and is set to face court soon.

Gleaned information from the allies of the vociferous entertainment commentator confirmed that he was arrested for what the Police described as disparaging and derogatory comments about the service.

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