July 19, 2024

Calvis Okine

Calvis Okine, a former President of the Ghana Auctioneers Association (GAA) has been charged with obtaining money by false pretense and conspiracy, impersonation using his official position to defraud persons wanting Auctioneers License claiming to be representing and administering the affairs of Ghana Institute of Auctioneers.
The charges are related to obtaining over Four Thousand Ghana Cedis (400,000) from a person with an aim to acquire an Auctioneers License.
Narrating their ordeal in the hands of the syndicate, they alleged that Calvis Okine defrauded them of about GHS400K, the spokesperson of the group said, their troubles started after Calvis Okine promised to help them acquire Auctioneer License in 2018.
According to him, the transaction has since been found to have been fictitious. He said, a bank account into which they paid the sum of GHS400K into for the license was allegedly opened fraudulently in Ghana Institute of Auctioneers’ name by the syndicate.
‘We paid the Four Hundred Thousand Cedis into the Kaneshie Branch of the Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) Bank Ltd, with Account Name: Ghana Institute of Auctioneers and Account Number; 1000107434801.

Checks at the Registrar General’s Department revealed that, Calvis Okine, falsified and doctored the signature of the current secretary of the Ghana Auctioneers Association, Henry Maama Nelson to facilitate, the registration of his frivolous institute.

The Ministry of Interior rejected Calvis Okine and issued a disclaimer statement, disassociating themselves from the alleged dishonest activities of Calvis Okine and his Ghana Institute of Auctioneers indicating in express terms that, such an Institute was not recognized and certified by the National Accreditation Board and the Auctioneers Registration Board, under the Ministry of the Interior, which is solely mandated by Auction Sales Act, 1989 ( PNDCL 230) to register and license auctioneers in Ghana.

The affected students have proceeded to petition the Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department at the Police Headquarters in Accra to as a matter of urgency, cause and initiate investigations into the activities of. Calvis Okine.

This is further fortified by a case at the High Court filed by the Interim Management of the Ghana Auctioneers Association as this activity is nothing short of a willful calculated agenda intended to mislead right thinking members of society and render the Association into disrepute and public ridicule.


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