July 15, 2024

Madina Constituency in the Greater Accra Region celebrated the inauguration of two new 23-seater toilet facilities aimed at enhancing the comfort and well-being of its residents. These facilities, strategically placed in two communities, mark a significant improvement in local sanitation infrastructure.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Chief of Otinibii Traditional Area, Nii Adjei Kweidza Mensah IV, accompanied by his elders, expressed profound gratitude for the initiative. “When we realized that our old structure was in very poor condition, we approached Chairman Dollar and his friends. Today, we see the results of their promise. This facility is very important to us,” the chief stated. He emphasized the critical condition of the previous facility and highlighted how the new edifice would benefit not only their community but also the surrounding areas.

Mr. Eric Nartey Yeboah, widely known as Chairman Dollar and the former Constituency Chairman for Madina on the ticket of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), underscored the importance of the project. “This is what the Lord has made, in collaboration with Kweiman and the La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly, and friends. This public toilet will serve the people of Kweiman and its environs. We also promise to provide an ultra-modern 23-seater public toilet for the communities of Teiman and Pantang,” he announced.

Chairman Dollar detailed the features of the new facility, which include 23 seats divided between men and women, equipped with both full water closets and squat options to cater to different preferences. The building also boasts a small bedroom for the caretaker, ensuring round-the-clock operation. The total cost for these two new public toilets amounts to GHS 1.6 million.

The local communities expressed their excitement and gratitude for the new facility, highlighting its potential to significantly improve their daily lives. With these modern amenities, residents can now look forward to better sanitation and enhanced comfort, reflecting a positive step forward in the constituency’s development.

The inauguration ceremony not only celebrated the completion of these essential facilities but also reaffirmed the commitment of local leaders and benefactors to improving living conditions within the Madina Constituency.

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