July 15, 2024

Samuel Atta Akyea

The Office of the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, has received a report from the Committee on Mines and Energy. The report pertains to the investigation into the Gas Sales Agreement between the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and Genser Energy Ghana Limited (GEGL).

Addressing the Rt. Hon. Speaker in a formal letter, the Chair of the Select Committee on Mines and Energy, Samuel Ava Akyea, MP, expressed the Committee’s dedication to pursuing matters related to the nation’s energy sector. The report submission comes in the wake of allegations raised by ACEP/IM ANI, suggesting substantial financial implications arising from the agreement.

During the parliamentary recess in July 2022, ACEP/IM ANI publicly asserted that Ghana could incur a substantial loss of USSIS billion due to what they referred to as a “sweeheart contract” between GNPC and Genser. Taking immediate action, the Committee undertook a thorough investigation within the framework of Article 103(3) and (6) of the Constitution, as well as the Standing Orders of the House.

With a sense of urgency, the Committee’s investigations have concluded, leading to the submission of its comprehensive report to the Rt. Hon. Speaker. Copies of the report have been distributed to key stakeholders, including the House Leadership, the entities involved in the inquiry, and the press.

The outcome of this inquiry holds the potential to significantly impact Ghana’s energy landscape. As the nation awaits further developments, the report’s submission demonstrates Parliament’s commitment to transparent governance and its responsibility to ensure that the nation’s interests are upheld in critical matters such as energy agreements.

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