June 14, 2024

Jerry Appauh Owusu, Director of Operation/Elections of LPG

The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has asked the Electoral Commission, EC, to ignore the National Democratic Congress’ diatribe and deregister same as a political party.

The minor opposition party also asked EC to recall NDC’s certificate of registration after deregistering it.

Speaking to The Hawk Newspaper, Jerry Appauh Owusu, the Director of Operation/Elections of Akpaloo founded LPG also asked the Jean Adukwei Mensa led commission to declare the seat of all lawmakers elected on the platform of the NDC vacant.

He was reacting to the proposal of electoral reforms submitted to the Electoral Commission by the opposition National Democratic Congress.

For him, the NDC is acting like kids in a candy store. They are fooling-happy, and always forming like spoilt child always dictating to their parents as though they are special.

‘Since the NDC forcefully exited itself from the nation’s political firmament by refusing to attend meetings organized by the Electoral Commission after the 2020 election, the party no longer has the moral right to propose reforms for the consideration by the same body they disrespected’. ‘It’s time they are told the truth. We can’t continue to pamper them like spoilt brat’.

‘Their absence at those meetings is remembered as a liberation day, if they feel or think they are indispensable in Ghanaian politics’ he added

According to Jerry Owusu, “The NDC being overburdened by the weight of failure, humongous corruption as well as the hardship it has brought to Ghanaians, whence their incoherent reactions.

‘Now that the NDC has become defunct, the LPG invites the Electoral Commission to officially deregister the NDC and recall its certificate of registration; given that it not willing to attend meetings put together by the Commission as required by law’.

‘In the same vein, EC should trash the reform proposals, and immediately declare the seat of all lawmakers elected on the platform of the NDC as vacant and commence the process of bye-elections to fill the seats as required by law’.

The LPG also called on all political stakeholders and the international community to henceforth regard the NDC as a defunct political organization in the country.

“Furthermore, government agencies, civil society organisations as well as the international community should immediately gazette the NDC as a pressure group in our country.

Obviously furious Jerry Owusu, thinks the General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party, John Boadu should be held responsible for misbehavior of the NDC.

He does not understand why a political party like the New Patriotic Party would allow the NDC to decide the pace of the Electoral Commission.

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