April 12, 2024

Nana Efua Essiaba, founder of Fawohodze Incorporated, has officially kicked off the Fawohodze Adult Literacy Campaign, urging Ghanaians to unite in building a financially secure future for all.

During the launch at Osu Presby Hall on August 1st, 2023, Nana Essiaba emphasized the significance of financial literacy in empowering individuals and communities. Having grown up in a business-minded family, she faced financial management challenges when she established her beauty venture at a young age, which became the driving force behind the literacy campaign.

Nana Essiaba sought insights from reputable organizations, World Financial Group (W.F.G.) and World System Builder (W.S.B.), recognizing the urgent need for financial literacy among Ghanaians. This led to the birth of Fawohodze, with a mission to provide free financial education to all Ghanaians, enabling them to make informed choices for a secure future.

The launch garnered 500 attendees, including prominent figures such as Mrs. Marcella A. Ababio, Mr David Thompson, Mad. Tina Offei Yirenkyi, Dr Micheal Nkrumah, Nana Ama Raine, and the Board of Directors of Fawohodze Incorporated. Nana Essiaba called for collective efforts in creating a future of financial security, empowerment, and unity, strengthening the fabric of Ghana’s vibrant cultures and shared experiences.

The event marked the beginning of Fawohodze’s transformative journey, seeking to uplift individuals and communities through financial literacy, ultimately fostering a financially stable and empowered society.

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