March 1, 2024

DC Kwakye(R)and Bessa Simons(L)

In a heartwarming event held at the office of the Executive Director of Kastle FM on July 31, 2023, DC Kwame Kwakye, the author of “Beyond Fatherhood: Changing The Narrative,” presented a copy of his book to the acting and aspiring president of MUSIGA, Uncle Bessa Simons.

During the ceremony, DC Kwame Kwakye expressed his gratitude to Mr Bessa Simons for accepting the book and extended his best wishes for the aspiring president’s success in the upcoming MUSIGA elections. He also proposed a collaborative effort to organize fatherhood seminars for musicians, aimed at helping them balance their musical careers with the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Highlighting the importance of musicians in society, the Fatherhood Advocate and Consultant emphasized the significance of including fatherhood education in the welfare package for MUSIGA members. According to him, this would provide valuable support and knowledge for musicians as they navigate the challenges of being fathers.

In response, Bessa Simons, the acting president of MUSIGA, expressed his gratitude for the thoughtful gesture and promised to collaborate with DC Kwame Kwakye on various programs for musicians, should he emerge victorious in the elections.

Mr Francis Ejaku Donkoh, the Executive Director of Kastle FM, also joined the occasion, urging Mr Bessa Simons to work diligently to elevate MUSIGA’s visibility across the country. He highlighted the significant contributions of MUSIGA in various national endeavours, including producing songs in remembrance of President Mills and supporting the national football team during the World Cup campaign in Germany.

Accompanying Mr Bessa Simons were King Pee and Mr Owusu, both members of MUSIGA’s Central Region, adding a sense of camaraderie to the event.

The presentation of “Beyond Fatherhood: Changing The Narrative” was not just an exchange of a book but an important step towards fostering meaningful collaboration between DC Kwame Kwakye and the aspiring president of MUSIGA to uplift musicians and promote responsible fatherhood within the music industry. With this mutual commitment, the future holds promising prospects for MUSIGA and its members.

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