July 15, 2024

The Goaso Diocesan Catholic Co-operative Society (GODCCOS) – Kenyasi has reported a net surplus of GH¢365,656.44 for the 2023 financial year, an increase from GH¢355,335.79 in 2022. According to the Annual Report and Financial Statement presented at the 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday, June 8, 2023, in Kenyasi, Ahafo region, GODCCOS – Kenyasi achieved a total income of GH¢800,981.56 compared to GH¢642,129.09 in the previous year. The cooperative society recorded a total expenditure of GH¢435,325.12 for the same period, up from GH¢286,793.30 in 2022.

Msgr Anthony Boahen Kyereme, Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasized the active participation of the society’s 421 members and highlighted the dedication of the Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders in ensuring the growth and sustainability of GODCCOS. He underscored the safety and security of members’ deposits, praising the professionalism, integrity, and diligence of the staff.

During the AGM, discussions also centered on the society’s operations, financial performance, declaration of dividends, and approval of future strategies. Msgr Boahen Kyereme urged all stakeholders to engage actively with GODCCOS, promoting its positive impact and encouraging broader community involvement.

Osahene Amankwah, Ahafo Regional Director of the Department of Cooperatives, commended GODCCOS on its achievements and encouraged the Board and management to organize training workshops for members. He stressed the importance of enhancing financial literacy among members to ensure their full understanding of cooperative operations and financial terms.

In response, John Kyereme, a member of GODCCOS – Kenyasi, expressed gratitude on behalf of fellow members for the benefits received from the cooperative, including support for business startups, competitive loan rates, dividends, and the assurance of secure deposits. The AGM concluded with a commitment from all stakeholders to continue fostering the cooperative’s growth and community impact.

Story filed by Adu Gyamfi Odopa

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