July 19, 2024

Henry Quartey, Minister for Interior

In the heart of Ayawaso Central, Hon. Henry Quartey has left an indelible mark through his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to progress. Over the past eight years, Hon. Henry Quartey has spearheaded a multitude of developmental projects and initiatives in Ayawaso Central, profoundly impacting the lives of constituents. A comprehensive summary compiled by a dedicated constituent, Paa Joe, sheds light on the remarkable strides made under his leadership.

Infrastructural Developments

One of Hon. Henry Quartey’s primary focuses has been infrastructural development. A staggering 20 kilometers of roads have been asphalted, traversing all 12 electoral areas. Examples include crucial routes like the Dr Seth Koranteng Street, Alajo, Dr. Annor Yeboah Road behind Abedi Pele, the Zaragoza Road, and the Kotobabi Swag Park Road, among others.

Bridges Constructed

In addition to road improvements, significant progress has been made in bridging infrastructure gaps. Bridges such as Geraldo, Sen Cinema Bridge, and others have been constructed, enhancing connectivity and accessibility within the constituency.

Enhanced Transportation

Lorry stations, vital hubs for transportation, have not been overlooked. Initiatives like the Pick Farm Lorry Station and the Kotobabi Lorry Station have been tarred, streamlining commuter services and facilitating economic activities.

Investment in Sports

The establishment of the Alajo AstroTurf, realized through the Common Fund for Constituencies, has provided a modern sporting facility for residents. This initiative underscores Hon. Quartey’s commitment to promoting sports and recreation within the community.

Education Infrastructure

Significant investments have been made in education infrastructure, with the construction of 12-unit school blocks in various locations, including Kokomlemle and Alajo. These projects aim to improve educational outcomes and provide conducive learning environments for students.

Job Creation and Human Investments

Hon. Quartey’s efforts in job creation have yielded tangible results, with nearly 1,000 individuals gaining employment opportunities across various sectors, including forestry, immigration, and law enforcement. Additionally, support has been extended to over 300 individuals enlisted in different services.

Healthcare and Social Support

The MP’s commitment to social welfare is evident through initiatives such as settling hospital bills and providing rental assistance to constituents in need. Moreover, logistical support, including the provision of vehicles, has been instrumental in empowering party officers and enhancing their effectiveness in serving the community.

Empowerment and Travel Opportunities

Hon. Quartey has empowered constituents through travel opportunities and financial assistance, enabling them to explore opportunities abroad and pursue personal growth. Despite facing challenges from beneficiaries who seek to monopolize resources, his unwavering dedication to uplifting constituents remains steadfast.

Support for Churches and Community Institutions

Recognizing the pivotal role of churches and community institutions, Hon. Quartey has extended support through initiatives such as providing motorbikes and seed funds for loans schemes. These efforts aim to bolster community development initiatives and foster a sense of empowerment among residents.

Hon. Henry Quartey’s tenure in Ayawaso Central epitomizes proactive leadership and a steadfast commitment to community development. As constituents reflect on his achievements, they recognize his unwavering dedication to improving lives and building a brighter future for all.

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