July 19, 2024

Ghana is on high alert as the country braces for a potential fuel scarcity in the coming days due to mounting concerns over the adequacy and quality of refined gasoline (petrol) supply from Senteo Oil Refinery.

Reports from The Hawk reveal that Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BIDECS) have been barred from importing gasoline into the country. Even those permitted to import have faced restrictions, allegedly due to dubious claims regarding compliance with standards. The decision to curtail BIDECs imports is purportedly linked to a Chinese company, Senteo refinery.

Alarming reports suggest that Senteo’s gasoline stored at TOR fails to meet acceptable quality standards. This development poses a grave threat, as the remaining stock may not suffice until BIDECs can import compliant f gasoline. There are fears that compromising standards to expedite supply could result in motorists being supplied with substandard gasoline.

The Hawk’s investigation has revealed that Senteo Refinery’s gasoline exhibits high vapor pressure characteristics, leading to vapor locks.

In response to the crisis, the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) has assured the nation of its readiness to avert the danger. They said, they stand ready to intervene should authorities seek their assistance. “We have ample stock to avert any shortages if those responsible for the situation allow us to operate unhindered,” Industry player noted.

The root cause of this predicament lies in the government’s barter trade initiative, dubbed “Gold for Oil.” Under this scheme, individuals importing subpar oil have exacerbated the fuel quality issue. A CBOD member, speaking on condition of anonymity, highlighted the detrimental impact of these imports on Ghana’s fuel supply chain.

As Ghanaians brace for potential disruptions in fuel availability, stakeholders are urging swift action to rectify the situation. The need for stringent adherence to quality standards and proactive measures to safeguard fuel supply has never been more apparent.

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