July 15, 2024

Akantunge Amidu, 29, a Ghanaian based in London escaped death by the whiskers in Bikum, in the Upper East Region of Ghana, as he was mistaken for one Karim Abubakar, a boy sentenced to death after birth by a seer.

Amidu who had returned from United Kingdom luckily escaped death when he was mistook for Karim when he visited his friend in the Bikum village, where Karim is said to hailed.

‘I was accosted and attacked moment after I got down from the motorbike I rode there’, but for swift intervention of my friend, I would have been dead by now, just because they saw the looks of Karim in me’. He narrated.

‘Several young men joined forces and pounced on the Amidu after he was spotted walking into my compound’, accusing and labeling him as evil, saying he was birthed to exterminate his parents’. His friend, Seidu recounted.

‘My friend escaped been lynched was later seen to be an innocent man whose only crime was for the uncanny resemblance to Abubakar Karim.

According to reports, Abubaka Karim was declared as a son of a river goddess at birth by a soothsayer in a Janbun community when where a spiritualist declared him (Karim) as a spirit-child emanating from a river goddess who is working to exterminate his immediate family and thus sentenced him to death.

The narration was that Karim was caged at outskirts of Bikum village waiting for the seer’s directive to be killed to avert the curse placed on him. But feared for death of a son, his parents relocated to settle in Yendi rather waiting on the seer to announce the death date of their beloved son.

Investigation revealed that Karim was re-captured twenty fours after a tragic loss of his parents in a motor accident when he had return to his kinsmen in Bikum because life was not treating him fairly at Yendi, where he considered a strange land.

He said, the history of his purported evil spirit inclination was rehashed, and this time around blamed for the death of his parents.

‘I was again arraigned before another fortune teller, who after consulting his oracle gave oxygen to the claim by that seer some twenty fours ago. According to sources, Amidu was quarantined to be sacrificed to atone for his sins but was lucky for the second time by the intervention of a joint team of investigators from Tiger Eye Pi, a private investigation and officers from the Ghana Police Service who had gone there to carry a similar research in 2012 thereabout upon a tip-off.

The accusation of innocent children as ‘spirit child’ is prevalent in Bikum community. Many parents have lost their babies and love ones to this atrocious belief.

A resident who spoke to us on strict condition of anonymity claimed Karim was born on 01/01/1989, and that he has since unfortunate birth caused the family a lot of pain. ‘He has brought misfortune and untold sorrow in the family. “this is why we (the family) want to get rid of him, or we risk being wipe away by his evil powers.

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