July 19, 2024

Despite a High Court order explicitly restraining mining activities on disputed land in Bompieso, situated within the Prestea Huni Valley Municipality, the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, along with the Member of Parliament for Tarkwa, flagrantly disregarded the court’s directive. They, along with their associates, boldly launched a mining scheme in Bompieso on the same day, amidst what their supporters described as a tumultuous reception.

The genesis of the legal dispute lies in a case (Suit No. E1/19/2024) adjudicated by the Tarkwa High Court, pitting Wobedibi Community Mining Ltd against multiple defendants, including Nana Atta Brempom, Asare Bediako, Ato Quayson, and Stephen Asare.

Following a careful deliberation of affidavits from both sides, with representation from Mr. Charles Quansah, Mr. Emmanuel Dei Tumi for the plaintiff/applicant, and Mr. Mark Bosea for one of the defendants, the court issued an interlocutory injunction on Friday. March 1, 2024.

‘It Is Hereby Ordered that, the Defendants, their privies, agents and any person howsoever described claiming interest through them are restrained from dealing with or interfering with the land in dispute pending the final determination of the substantive controversy’, Her Ladyship Mercy Adei Kotei ruled.

The injunction order unequivocally prohibits the defendants, their agents, and any affiliated parties from participating in any activities related to the disputed land until the underlying dispute is resolved.

In spite the court’s clear stance, Deputy Minister Mireku Duker, accompanied by Barbara Oteng Gyasi, the parliamentary candidate of the area making a bid for reelection, and the Board Chair of the Mineral Commission, supported by Dr. Isaac Dasemani, the Municipal Chief Executive, proceeded with the launch of the controversial Bompieso Community Mining Scheme.

Our independent investigations have confirmed that the disputed site was rightfully allocated to Wobedibi Community Mining, with all requisite fees and charges duly settled since January 2022.

Wobedibi initiated their small-scale mining application process in August 2020, receiving approval from the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources in October 2021 to operate and mine gold on a 25,000-acre tract for five years.

Martin Ayisi, CEO of the Minerals Commission, officially communicated this decision to Wobedibi Community Mining on January 27, 2022.

It’s evident from official records that Deputy Minister Mireku Duker seem to exploit his political clout over the rightful owners of the land.

The owners of Wobedibi Community Mining revealed that Duker and the Municipal Chief Executive proposed dissolving their existing company to establish a new entity with their selected individuals, a suggestion strongly opposed by Wobedibi.

Mireku Duker viewed this rejection as disrespectful, leading him to deny Wobedidi owners their rights to the area despite approval from his superior.

The Deputy Minister’s actions raise questions about his motivations for undermining due process to assert his relevance in the sector.

Observers consider this move unconventional and suspect potential irregularities leading up to the scheme’s launch.

Meanwhile, Wobedidi has instructed their attorneys to pursue contempt charges against Mireku Duker, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, and Dr. Isaac Dasemani for blatantly disregarding a court order from a competent jurisdiction.

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