July 19, 2024

The NPP’s National Council (NC) has reaffirmed the position of the party’s constitutional decision to conduct the upcoming Super Delegates elections at the regional level, despite calls to shift to a centralized location. These elections hold immense significance as they play a critical role in determining the top five contenders for the party’s flagbearer position, slated for November 4.

The “United Aspirants Against Bawumia”  has vigorously petitioned the National Council to reconsider their stance on regionalizing the Super Delegates elections. They stress the importance of maintaining a level playing field and addressing potential biases that may arise from regionalized voting.

Despite facing strong opposition, the National Council stands firm in its decision, highlighting the benefits of increased voter participation, better representation, and enhanced inclusivity by holding the elections at the regional level. Party officials assert that this approach empowers members from diverse regions to directly influence the selection of the NPP’s flagbearer, thereby strengthening the democratic process.

Meanwhile the “United Aspirants Against Bawumia”  is yet to respond formally to the National Council’s decision, political observers and party members closely monitor the situation as tensions persist regarding the outcome of this crucial decision.

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