PARCEL THEFT: Uber Driver Bolts with Parcel

Alfred Dadzie, the Uber Connect Driver

An Uber connect driver, Daniel Dadzie with Toyota Vitz with car registration number GG1836-19 has stolen a parcel given to him for delivery.

Dadzie was hired on 11TH April, 2021 at Teshie to drop-off a parcel to a customer around Academic City University, Haatso, a town in the Ga East Municipal District in the Greater Accra Region.

The client, Fati Calixta had paid GHS32.00 for the Uber connect service. According her, Dadzie was supposed to deliver a parcel containing two pieces of northern-kente to a wedding guest.

Unfortunately for her, Dadzie decided to run away with the parcel and the fare.

‘Frantic efforts to reach the driver after two hours had proved futile’. The bemused client told this paper.

‘I filed an official complaint with Uber, but no avail’. ‘After providing Uber with the details of the driver, the parcel, information of the car and a picture of the driver, Uber was still helpless. She narrated.

‘Uber has since receiving all the information requested from me, directed me to go and make a formal complaint to the nearest police station, and that there is little they can do’.

It has been one tale after the other, since this paper launched investigation into the parcel theft.

On the 14th April 2021, we were able to speak to Daniel Dadzie on telephone numbers 0248461678/0547423163. After introducing, the man who answered the call said he was Dadzie’s car owner, and pleaded for 24 hours to speak to Dadzie and revert to us.

He returned the call in the evening to confirm the thievery by his driver and opted to be given the space to pay for the parcel.

So, we gave him the contact of the young lady and asked him to deal with her on whether or not she wants her parcel or money.

He (the purported car owner) called to inform us that they have agreed he pay GHS300.00 for the parcel, and asked that we give him up to April ending to reimburse the lady.

He wouldn’t yield to any plea to help us apprehend the driver and hand him over to the Police, nor pay for the parcel as agreed with the young entrepreneur.

Shockingly, the supposed car owner had stopped answering our calls after our gentlemen agreement to repay the money on April ending.

Uber in early 2020 launched a delivery service called “Uber Connect” in Accra and Kumasi. Uber Connect, is described as a contactless delivery offering, that allows users to send much-needed packages to family and friends.

But it’s becoming clear Uber is not in the position to protect clients’ interests.



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