July 15, 2024

The Adentan Circuit Court, under the oversight of Ms. Sedinam Awo Balokah, has taken a decisive step by issuing a restraining order against Francis Ayenu, Dennis Tawiah, and Michael Ayenu, effectively blocking their planned “All-White” event slated for Monday, January 1, 2024.

Prompted by concerns voiced by the Prosecution, led by C/Inspr. Maxwell Lanyo, stressing the paramount need to ensure public peace and safety, the court’s ruling was aimed at preempting any potential disruption to public order and community well-being.

The restraining order extends comprehensively, covering the named individuals and their affiliates, encompassing agents, assigns, workmen, servants, or anyone acting on their behalf. It unequivocally prohibits the organization, execution, or progression of the planned event, regardless of its name or description.

Furthermore, the court’s directive reaches out to the owners or managers of any venues or locations associated with the proposed event. They are strongly urged to collaborate fully with law enforcement bodies, particularly the Ghana Police Service, to ensure stringent adherence to the court’s mandate.

This decision, issued under the seal of the Circuit Court Adentan, represents a pivotal measure in upholding public order and safety. It emphasizes the critical need to comply with legal directives to prevent potential disturbances or risks linked to the intended gathering.

However, reports have surfaced indicating a disconcerting development. Some members of the Police Service are alleged to have offered security for the event, blatantly disregarding the court’s explicit orders.

This flagrant misconduct within the Police Service has been brought to the attention of the Police hierarchy. It underscores the inappropriate actions of these individuals, seemingly prioritizing personal interests over the enforcement of the law, a matter that demands swift and appropriate action.

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