July 19, 2024

Nii Nortey Adumuah IV, suspended Oshiahene of Osu

The Osu Kinka We Dzaasetse, Nii Saban Atsen VII has urged the Police CID to investigate allegations of letterhead forgery against the  suspended Oshiahene of Osu Traditional Council, Nii Nortey Adumuah IV.

In a petition forwarded to the District Commander and signed by Nii Saban Atsen VII of  Osu Kinka We Dzaase, accused Nii Adumuah of writing a letter on a fake letterhead of the Dzaase in order to make fraudulent misrepresentations to the police.

According to the petition, the suspended Oshiahene of Osu, Nii Nortey Adumuah IV and Nii Odartey Sro III, a restrained Atofotse wrote a letter on a fake Osu Kinka We Dzaase letterhead to the District Commander of Osu District Police Command and other offices requesting for support and protection towards a purported enstoolment of a new Osu Mantse.

“I am by this complaint appealing to your good office to intervene and investigate the fictitious letterhead and prosecute the perpetrators in order to forestall similar fictitious letterheads purportedly from the Osu Kinka We Dzaase being used to deceive the general public and avoid chaos, anarchy, and breach of peace within the Osu Traditional Area,” the petition to the Osu Police Commander read.

He said, the requested action is pertinent to serve as a deterrent to future law breakers, especially amongst the elite and politically exposed persons.

In a related development, the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase has affirmed the suspension of the Oshiahene and two others; the Head of Family of the Adjuate We and the Head of Family of the Teinor We.

A statement from the Dzaase signed by the Dzaasetse stated that following the announced suspension, some elders of the Adjuate We labelled the action as illegal and described the Dzaasetse as a lone ranger.

But the Dzaase described that assertion as false and said the decision to suspend the three was done by a majority number of Dzaase members.

The statement also described attempts to question the authority of the Dzaasetse as disrespectful.

“It would interest the public to know that the suspended Oshiahene was installed on the request of a letter written by the Osu Kinkawe Dzaasetse, Nii Saban Atsen VII on behalf of the Dzaase.

Today, it is not only surprising but ironical and disrespectful on the part of the Oshiahene and his head of family to now challenge the customary position and the authority of the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase,” the statement said.

Nii Atsen VII attached as evidence to the original letterhead, communication between Osu Kinka We Dzaase and Adjuate We Family wherein he (Nii Atsen) requested the Adjuate Family to provide a candidate to be installed Oshiahene.

Nii Nortey Adumuah IV was suspended indefinitely together with the two others for purportedly installing Osu Mantse without recourse to custom and tradition.

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