July 19, 2024
President Akufo-Addo has consented to the spending of a whooping GH₵62,578,224 on foreign travels and related expenses in the first nine months of 2019, contrary to his pledge to protect the public purse against the wanton dissipation of state resources by the erstwhile administration.

This is according to documents presented to Ghana’s Parliament by the Office of Government Machinery as part of budget estimates.

The breakdown of the expenditure indicates that about GH₵63 million was spent on foreign trips, GH₵5.8 million on hotel accommodation and GH₵1.9 million on refreshments while GH₵68.9 million was spent on operational enhancement expenses.

The office of government machinery is currently requesting Parliament to approve GH₵5 billion to finance its activities for 2020.

Last year, Parliament approved a total of GH₵1.5 billion for the government’s machinery.

Below is a breakdown of expenses made by the Office of Government Machinery

  • Printed machinery and stationery – GH₵1,688,942
  • Office facilities and accessories – GH₵ 6,552,061.89
  • Telecommunications – GH₵1, 836,706.96
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles – GH₵5.9million
  • Foreign travel cost and expenses – GH₵62,578, 224.08
  • Hotel accommodation – GH₵5, 855,000.95
  • Refreshment – GH₵1, 980,025.23
  • Official national celebrations – GH₵520,420.24
  • Operational enhancement expenses – GH₵68,908,226.13
  • Rentals of office and residential accommodation – GH₵903,455.89
  • Fuel and lubricants – GH₵4, 899, 190

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