July 15, 2024

Ms. Enyonam Afi Amafugah, Volta Regional Director of Education

Bueman  School in the Jasikan District of Volta Region marked the end of a successful first Green Track term with an eventful occasion to reward students for academic excellence and outstanding performances in competitions, projects, tests and exams. The school held the event in its popular multi-purpose field with a jam-packed crowd composed of students, staff of school, parents and invited guests who witnessed the event with pleasure.

The day was joyous as elated parents watched their wards receive awesome prizes for their outstanding performance in academics. The show kicked-off with an opening address by the Headmaster, Rev. E.T. Adzigodie, who stressed the importance of hard work, determination and discipline as key ingredients for success in their academic endeavors.

Nicholas Yeboah in a handshake with the Volta Regional Director of Education

Handsome prizes were awarded to best students in each subject from each class, not neglecting first and second runners-up for each category.

Mr. Nicholas Yeboah, a Social Studies was rewarded with a refrigerator for recording 216 distinctions in the 2017 WASCE results.

Mr Kumitse Daniel got television for recording 50 distinctions, several credits.

A second-year female day student, Linda Donkor was adjudged the overall best student and was awarded a laptop among other gift items for her outstanding performance.

Ms. Linda Donkor receiving her prize from the Old Students’ Association

The invited guests presented some awards and gift items to students as they cheered them on in amazement. Bueman School had a rewarding day as they commended staff and management of the school for a job well done. According to the chairman of the occasion and Acting Buemhene, Nana Opraw Akuamoah IV, who gave the closing remarks, stated that the true reflection of their efforts can only be measured by the excellent performance of students academically.


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