July 19, 2024

Photo of Bridge-view Resort

On August 9, at 19:50, Peace Afi Dogbatsey shared a distressing encounter at Bridgeview Resort, shedding light on what she describes as unprofessional and disrespectful treatment by the owner/manager. The incident occurred during a planned getaway to mark her 8th wedding anniversary and has triggered a wave of criticism.

The saga began with a failed attempt to book a room at the renowned Akosombo-based Bridgeview Resort through Booking.com due to payment issues. Eventually, a successful booking was made via Expedia. However, things took a downturn after arriving at the resort.

Upon arrival, Peace and her husband were confronted with a room containing two beds, which was inconsistent with her reservation for a single-bed luxury room. She voiced her concern, and a staff member suggested a possible room change after the first night.

The situation escalated when the manager intervened. He firmly asserted that a “double bed” room inherently meant two beds, countering Peace’s understanding. He presented her with a choice: accept the room or receive an immediate refund and leave. The confrontation intensified, leading the group to depart from the resort.

The incident occurred in front of other guests, sparking discussions about customer service standards in the hospitality industry. The manager’s confrontational attitude and disregard for negative reviews have raised concerns about the resort’s professionalism.

After the ordeal, Peace and her companions were left without accommodation, needing to hastily secure a room at Royal Senchi. The incident underscores the significance of respectful and attentive customer service, emphasizing the role it plays in shaping an establishment’s reputation.

As Peace’s account gains traction on social media, it prompts a broader conversation about customer experiences and their impact on an establishment’s image. The Bridgeview Resort’s response to this incident will likely influence potential visitors’ perceptions and their expectations of hospitality standards.

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