July 19, 2024

Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu

In an astounding development, a fierce outcry has erupted following allegations of a land grab involving the Astro Turf facility, with Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu at the center of the controversy.

The Astro Turf, a prized community asset constructed by the Ghana National Gas Company for the benefit of residents in the Asante Akim North Municipality, has become the epicenter of a heated dispute. Hopeson Yao Adorye, in a damning Facebook post, exposed what he termed as a calculated land grab orchestrated by Ernest Owusu Bempah, sending shockwaves through the community.

The accusations leveled against Owusu Bempah Bonsu of the Ghana Gas are grave. It is alleged that he forcefully seized control of the Astro Turf, disregarding its intended public use, and began imposing exorbitant fees for its utilization. Residents were reportedly outraged as news of the land grab spread, igniting fury among locals who viewed the Astro Turf as a cherished communal resource.

Unmasking the ownership ruse orchestrated by Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu, Adorye alleges a troubling twist, claiming that his former agenda-mate, Ernest Kofi Owusu-Bempah, Head of Ghana National Gas Company Communications, is asserting ownership of the facility due to his purported role in advocating for its construction.

Adorye contends that Owusu-Bempah, with the assistance of thugs, has forcefully ousted the facility’s caretakers and assumed control of the Astro-Turf, imposing exorbitant fees for its utilization.

According to Hopeson, Owuau-Bempah charges GHC 200.00 per hour and retains the proceeds for personal gain, despite the facility’s intended public use and management by the Municipal Assembly on behalf of the government.

In support of his claims, Adorye, a former member of the #FixingTheCountry, has shared documentation, including a letter from the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company to the Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly detailing the composition of the Astro-Turf management committee. Additionally, legal correspondence from Owusu-Bempah’s attorney and a photograph of a plaque indicating the construction details of the Astro-Turf have been circulated.

Amidst mounting tensions, solicitors representing Kofi Owusu Bempah, also known as Nana Owusu Bempah Bonsu, have announced plans to initiate legal proceedings against the Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly. The impending lawsuit stems from allegations of trespassing and unauthorized entry onto land designated for sports and cultural complex facilities.

Bempah seeks declarations regarding lease agreements and financing arrangements related to the construction of the sport’s complex facilities.

However, available records indicate that the Artificial Sports Complex (Astro-Turf Pitch) was commissioned by Dr. Ben K. D. Asante, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company, in collaboration with local dignitaries. Fully funded by Ghana National Gas Company and constructed by Wembley Sports Construction Company, the facility was inaugurated on Friday, 23 December 2022.

In response to the escalating dispute, the Board of the Ghana National Gas Company has sanctioned the establishment of the Astro Turf Management Committee. Charged with overseeing the effective management and maintenance of the facility, the committee’s responsibilities encompass revenue generation, expenditure oversight, and routine maintenance. The committee will be accountable to the Metropolitan, Municipal, or District Assemblies, with a mandate to optimize the utility and sustainability of this invaluable community asset.

Many expressed dismay at the audacity of Owusu Bempah’s actions, questioning the legitimacy of his claims to ownership and condemning what they perceive as a blatant abuse of power.

The Asante Akim North Municipality has vowed to uphold the rule of law and ensure that the Astro Turf remains accessible to all members of the community, as originally intended.

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