July 15, 2024

Information gathered from campuses of Tertiary Institutions by TheHawkGhana.com across points to the fact that, the Country’s Student Loan disbursement agency, Student Loan Trust is insolvent.

The Trust has up till date not been able to disburse loan facilities to subscribers this semester.

Majority of beneficiaries of the Loan is in utter quagmire because some of them may be prevented from writing end of semester exams for non-payment of school fees. These Students largely depend on the loan to support their education.

Investigations revealed that the Trust is broke and unable to perform its obligation because they are yet to receive funds from Government to enable them honour the obligations.

Officials of the Trust are however reluctant to tell the beneficiaries the truth nor are they willing to liaise with school managers to tolerate beneficiaries struggling to pay school fees due to the undue delay occasioned by the Trust’s inability to disburse the loan on time.

Unimpeachable information picked by this portal is to the fact that all is not well as subscribers are mobilizing themselves to hit the streets to demand prompt payment of their loans in the coming weeks.

The Student Loan Trust Fund replaced the Student Loan Scheme previously managed by Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SNNIT) to give loans to Ghanaian tertiary students who are pursuing accredited programmes in accredited tertiary institutions. These students must have gained admission to pursue undergraduate programmes only.

But the Trust is constraint by issues beyond it to effectively perform this function.


Source: TheHawkGhana.Com/Charles McCarthy/2018

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